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The St. Philip’s Experience

St. Philip’s School and Community Center, founded as a ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas, acknowledges that next to God, an excellent education is the most effective means of developing human capital.

As a school, we provide an unparalleled exemplary college preparatory education fueled by a confluence of spirituality, self-determination and service to others. As a Community Center, we provide services and resources that assist families in enhancing their quality of life.

We embrace the potential schools have to impact their neighborhoods through the provision and accessibility of compatible social services. Our quest is to engage a diverse family of partners and supporters to sustain and perpetuate God’s mighty work through the ministry of St. Philip’s for families within Southern Dallas and throughout the Metroplex.

We are humbled by God’s calling for us to educate children. We understand that our service to children and the community is not a rehearsal. To serve as good stewards of the many resources with which we’ve been graced, we hold ourselves accountable to the highest possible standard.

In our commitment to those we serve, we vow our sacrifice to serve. St. Philip’s has touched the lives of many and strives to continue making a positive impact on the community as a school, community center, and neighborhood change agent. 

St. Philip’s Mission Statement
To provide an unparalleled education and compatible community services through a faith-based experience, with emphasis on serving low and moderate income families.
To learn more about the We Believe Campaign or to arrange a tour of our campus, please contact Anyika McMillan-Herod at or 214-421-5221.

Campaign Cabinet

Bobby Lyle
Honorary Chair
Billy Lively and Roland Parrish
Shonn and Clarence Brown
Angie Carlson
David Cowling
Courtney and Michael Flanagan
Belinda Griffin
John Haigler
Kathy Hubbard
Jennifer James

Sherrelle and Brandon Jones
George Killebrew
Carrie Lee Kirby
Rob Landin
George T. Lee, Jr. 
Liza Lee
Ann Mahowald
Paula Mitchell
Kevin Muskat
Shelle Sills
Tina and Dan Stansbury
Kelly and Marty Turco
Barbara Watkins