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Name Title Group Contact
Andrews, Jacquelyn Director, LS and MSP ext. 172
Bailey, Ramona Dean, Students 120
Berry, LaTrease Instructor - ECH
Blackston, Lydia Substitute Teacher 214-421-5221
Booker, Leisa Librarian
Booker-Wallace, Tameika Instructor - ECH 119
Bradford, Jacqueline Community Program Assistant
Brooks, Victoria Instructor - LS
Burrell, Kristy Principals Assistant
Carey, Michelle Instructor 214-421-5221
Carey, Michelle Instructor - ECH 214-421-5221
Castillo, Joshua Donor Database Management Specialist 2144215221
Charles, Jazmyn Digital Content Specialist Staff 2144215221
Choate, Michael Chief Financial Officer 214-421-5221
Collins, Joston Community Programs Specialist-Youth
Conerly, Candance Chief Experience Officer Adminstration ext. 269
Conner, NaTonya Instructor - LS 214-421-5221
Cooks, Shonna Administrative Assistant 214-543-9366
Davis, Morgan Accounting Clerk 214-421-5221
DuPree, Valeria Instructor - MSP
Edwards, Eric Parking Lot Attendant 214-421-5221
Fletcher, Alma Teacher Assistant 214*421-5221
Fletcher, Eddie Director, Athletics ext. 117
Flowers, Terry Perot Family Headmaster 113
Forteau, Darnetta Director, Admissions 214-421-5221
Francois, Christopher Instructor - MSP
Freemangrove, Deena Instructor - ECH 214-421-5221
Gilmore, Cristelle Instructor - LS 214-421-5221
Givens, Stephanie Instructor - MSP
Govan, Tamasha Instructional Lead - Math Specialist 177
Green, Aliyah Administrative Assistant - Volunteerism 214-421-5221
Hanford, Christina Nurse 214-421-5221
Henderson, Linnea Instructor - ECH
Henderson, Shaunaisea Director, Middle School Program 214-421-5221
Holmes, Alicia Instructor - Art 171
Holmes, Kaitlyn Communications Specialist
Holmes, Margertree Chief Community Advancement Officer Adminstration
Horne, Anniemae Instructor - Athletics, Spanish
Ingram, Rhenett Instructor - LS 214-421-5221
Jackson, Alexis Instructor - LS
Johnson, Marcus Instructor - Athletics 214-421-5221
Kindert, Jennifer Instructor - Art
Lalena, Gina Instructor - Latin 214-421-5221
Madole, Becky Sr Community Development Advisor
Martin, Rachel Instructor - Music 214-421-5221
Martin, Tamara Admissions Associate I 2144215221
Maryland, Ametria Director, Parent Liaison 214-421-5221
Mason, Antavia Philanthropy Writer 214-421-5221
McCloud, Lorene Facilities Custodian
McMillan-Herod, Anyika Chief Philanthropy Officer 238
Moore, Kawana Senior Accounting Manager
Morgan, Lincoln Instructor - MSP
Morrison, Toyota Instructor - ECH 160
Murrell, Kellee Chief Academic Officer, Principal Adminstration 214-421-5221
Patterson, Toni Director, Events and Special Projects 241
Payne, Chelsy Instructor - MSP 214-421-5221
Perez, Jorge Community Program Specialist - Business & Community Partners 169
Portillo, Alfredo Instructor - Spanish
Raphiel, Nicole Manager, Community Development Project
Record, Cedrick Staff Accountant
Reynolds, Tresa Instructor - LS
Rice, Menkiti Instructor - Technology 2144215221
Saqueton, Julie Chief Community Advancement Officer 123
Say, Armando Maintenance Technician 214-421-5221
Say, Martha Custodial Lead
Seamster, Kieairrah Custodian
Sias Edwards, Jazmyne Instructor - ECH 214-421-5221
Silmon-Cox, Kim Director, Philanthropy 184
Smart, Jacquelyne Instructor - MSP
Smith, Donavan Director, Counselor/ Student Pathway
Smith, Michael Facilities
Smith, Tosheia Admissions Coordinator Adminstration, Staff 214-421-5221
Stevens, Tia Instructional Lead - Science 129
Thomas, Constance Teaching Assistant
Velvin, Deanna Community Development Coordinator
Wall, Deana Academic Support 187
Walton, Regina Director, Human Resources
Warren, Imarri Instructor - Substitute 2144215221
Welcome Center, Front Desk 2144215221
Wesson, Telissha Director, Early Childhood 177
Williams, Bruce Accountant
Williams, Cedrick Operations Support 214-421-5221
Williams, Courtnea Temporary Administrative Assistant 214-421-5221
Williams, Loni Instructor - Substitute
Williamson, Lawanda Instructor - ECH
Wright, Cynthia Instructor - ECH
Young, Angela Instructor - LS 214-421-5221