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Name Title Group Contact
Alvarez, Nathalia Instructor 155
Andrews, Jacquelyn Instructional Lead - ELAR ext. 172
Ashley, Antoinette Instructor ext. 162
Bailey, Ramona Dean of Students 120
Ballard-Madison, Kimberly Director of Communications, Marketing & PR ext. 195
Blackstone, Kate Graphic Design Specialist
Booker-Wallace, Tamekia Instructor 119
Bradford, Jacqueline Community Center Support Staff
Burrell, Kristy Principals Assistant
Carey, Michelle Instructor 214-421-5221
Carvajal, Carlos 214-421-5221-
Castillo, Joshua Database Administrator 2144215221
Comadore, Trenitta Instructor 214-421-5221
Conerly, Candance Chief Experience Officer Adminstration ext. 269
Cox, Kim Asst to Chief Philanthropy Officer 184
Craft, Bridgett Custodian 214-421-5221
Fletcher, Eddie Athletic Director ext. 117
Flowers, Terry Perot Family Headmaster 113
Forteau, Darnetta Director of Admissions 214-941-9717
Foster, Jarrey Asst Athletic Director 214-421-5221
Govan, Tamasha Instructional Lead - Math Specialist 177
Hanford, Christina Nurse 214-421-5221
Henry, Brittney Instructor
Holmes, Alicia Instructor 171
Holmes, Kaitlyn Admissions Associate
Holmes, Margertree Executive Assistant Adminstration
Horne, Anniemae Instructor
Jackson, Alexis Instructor
Jackson, Laura Instructor 181
Johnson, Marcus Instructor 214-421-5221
Kindert, Jennifer Instructor - Art
Lewis, Courtney Communications Specialist
Madole, Becky Sr Community Development Advisor
Martin, Rachel Instructor 214-421-5221
Maryland, Ametria Enrichment Program Directory 214-421-5221
McCloud, Lorene Facilities Custodian
McMillan-Herod, Anyika Development Director 238
Morgan, Lincoln Instructor 214-421-5221
Morrison, Toyota Instructor 160
Murrell, Kellee Principal Adminstration 114-___-____
Pate, Shelia Instructor - Lower School Lead 164
Patterson, Toni Manager, Events and Special Projects 241
Patton, Lanisha Instructor
Peeler, Lawanda Accountant 214-421-5221
Perez, Jorge Instructor 169
Porter, Chastity Instructor
Prince, Richard Accountant 214-421-5221
Reynolds, Tresa Teacher Assistant
Rice, Menkiti Instructor - Technology 2144215221
Robinson, Tracy Instructor 161
Sanni-Thomas, Ishmael Instructor 214-421-5221
Saqueton, Julie Chief Community Advancement Officer 123
Say, Armando Maintenance Technician 214-421-5221
Say, Gonzalo Facilities Manager 160
Say, Martha Custodial Lead
Smith, Donavan Instructor
Smith, Michael Facilities
Smith, Tosheia Sr Admissions Associate 214-421-5221
Stevens, Tia Instructional Lead - Science 129
Thomas, Constance Teaching Assistant
Thomas, Ramona Instructional Lead - Social Studies 165
Velvin, Deanna Community Development Coordinator
Walker, LaSheryl Director of Community Outreach 214-421-5221
Wall, Deana Academic Support 187
Walton, Regina HR - People & Culture Manager
Wesley, Richard Chief Financial Officer 2144215221
Wesson, Telissha Early Childhood Director 177
Williams, Bruce Accountant
Williamson, Lawanda Instructor
Wright, Cynthia Instructor
Yow, Joe Instructor