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Watch the video below to learn more about the St. Philip's Graduate from Principal Kellee Murrell. 

Graduate Profile 2

Principal Kellee Murrell talks about the St. Philip's Graduate Profile. 

Servant Leadership

The St. Philip’s graduate (SPG) will exhibit awareness of God’s desire for a mindset of Servant Leadership. Through this tenant, the St. Philip’s graduate will possess the capacity to offer their talents and time for the benefit of others. The SPG displays a desire to enrich their communities through their actions, serve with empathy and responsibility, and inspire through leadership. 

Cultural Awareness & Social Justice

The St. Philip’s graduate develops a solid foundation and appreciation cultural diversity with a specific emphasis on African-American culture and history, in addition to an expanded knowledge of the African diaspora and other cultures of the world. The SPG exhibits a positive self-esteem and is able to thrive in environments where they may be the minority, after leaving St. Philip’s. 

St. Philip’s recognizes that elementary school is an appropriate time to introduce to children the concept and practice of tolerance, justice, loving-kindness, and the celebration of our various differences. The SPG will be equipped to recognize injustice and to stand-up or speak out for what is right.

Inter- & Intra-Personal Wellness 

Through our various character and community based programs, our St. Philip’s graduate possesses a vast array of tools necessary for inter and intra-personal wellness. We provide a systematic approach to the development of a healthy spirit, mind, and body that is ready to interact with the world.


The St. Philip’s Ministry lives up to its mission to support the spiritual development of children and to provide a faith-based experience. Our students begin their journey towards becoming champions for God at the tender age of two, through daily classroom devotions and an all-school Chapel service that provides child-friendly homilies and opportunities to praise and worship through music, song, and dance with their teachers and classmates. 

The St. Philip’s graduate leaves St. Philip’s knowing “it’s okay to pray and to acknowledge Christ.” They leave strengthened by the guidance and instruction they received on a daily basis at St. Philip’s.  The St. Philip’s graduate possesses an authentic love of God, love of self, and love for their sisters and brothers that informs their daily walk and life choices. The St. Philip’s graduate embraces the idea of living and fulfilling the purpose God has for them and the ability to share the “good news” with others.

Intellectually Driven

The St. Philip’s graduate receives a premiere educational experience and possesses a sincere life-long love of learning. Without ambiguity, St. Philip’s makes known to its students and graduates its very high expectation for excellence. Even parents are supported through our Parent University in their quest to ensure educational excellence for their children. 

The St. Philip’s graduate has benefitted from St. Philip’s impressive curriculum and educational program that weaves Technology into the fabric of all instruction, offers diverse educational experiences, incorporates Project-Based Learning across all grade levels, provides a platform for individual and team academic competitions, nurtures natural artistic talents through the Performing and Fine Arts, and engages students in creative exploration.  

The St. Philip’s graduate leaves us having generated a bank of knowledge and skills and above grade-level proficiency in all core subject areas. The St. Philip’s graduate exudes confidence in the classroom and takes risks.