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Friends of St. Philip’s is a group of men and women committed to supporting St. Philip’s School and Community Center as ambassadors through service and fundraising. 

Among other opportunities, Friends of St. Philip’s will:
 - be invited to presentations on topics such as education, the South Dallas initiative, and community development.
 - receive regular communications of a variety of volunteer opportunities.
 - receive St. Philip’s School and Community Center newsletters and updates.
 - be invited to annual Destiny luncheon and other special events.

A quick recap of Friends’ activities during our inaugural year:

• Hosted two Birthday Luncheons for faculty/staff;
• Volunteered in Aunt Bette’s Community Pantry;
• Hosted a faculty/staff Christmas Fiesta Luncheon & presented Target gift cards to all;
• Transported surplus Snap Kitchen meals to the Pantry;
• Served at both the annual Thanksgiving Feast and Christmas Store;
• Purchased & delivered yard signs to all faculty/staff during Appreciation Week;
• Provided dinner for all faculty/staff and their families with help from Ruthie’s Food Truck and the Philanthropy Department;
• Planned our 1st annual event – “Bingo, BBQ, & the Blues” (rescheduled for September 2021)
• Purchased and mailed Walmart gift cards and fabric face masks to all faculty/staff at year-end;
• Contributed $10,000 to SPSCC for its operating budget.


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