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Friends of St. Philip’s is a group of men and women committed to supporting St. Philip’s School and Community Center as ambassadors through service and fundraising. 

Among other opportunities, Friends of St. Philip’s will:
 - be invited to presentations on topics such as education, the South Dallas initiative, and community development.
 - receive regular communications of a variety of volunteer opportunities.
 - receive St. Philip’s School and Community Center newsletters and updates.
 - be invited to annual Destiny luncheon and other special events.

A quick recap of Friends’ activities during our inaugural year:

• Hosted two Birthday Luncheons for faculty/staff;
• Volunteered in Aunt Bette’s Community Pantry;
• Hosted a faculty/staff Christmas Fiesta Luncheon & presented Target gift cards to all;
• Transported surplus Snap Kitchen meals to the Pantry;
• Served at both the annual Thanksgiving Feast and Christmas Store;
• Purchased & delivered yard signs to all faculty/staff during Appreciation Week;
• Provided dinner for all faculty/staff and their families with help from Ruthie’s Food Truck and the Philanthropy Department;
• Planned our 1st annual event – “Bingo, BBQ, & the Blues” (rescheduled for September 2021)
• Purchased and mailed Walmart gift cards and fabric face masks to all faculty/staff at year-end;
• Contributed $10,000 to SPSCC for its operating budget.


Click here to become an FOSP member.

Aunt Bette’s Community Pantry Book Donation Drive: Friends of St. Philip’s is pleased to partner with Interabang Books to provide new books to all clients and families of Aunt Bette’s Community Pantry at St. Philip’s School & Community Center. By purchasing a book here, you can share the gift of reading with our community clients. Friends of St. Philip’s will hand deliver your purchased books to Aunt Bette’s Community Pantry where clients may select the literature of their choice to take home to share with their families.