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The WeCreation Center invites creators and innovators from all over Dallas who believe in putting people at the heart of the challenge. The 2500 sq. ft space is a customizable, flexible space designed to serve as a think tank where individuals and organizations are inspired to collaborate and strategize on outcomes for complex community topics. This unique space is available for collaborative non-profits, businesses, and individuals to host events that align with center’s vision.

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WeCreation has three primary functions:

Human Centered Design



•    A creative and people-centered approach to problem solving

•    WeCreation is a "change chamber." It is a venue especially designed for all types of creators, innovators and collaborators - in South Dallas and across the Dallas-Fort Worth region - to work together using the most progressive problem-solving processes and tools, including design thinking.

•    WeCreation serves as think tank/change chamber where trained facilitators host topic-based conversations without a prescribed agenda, creating the space and safe conditions for our community to take on complex challenges and work together to solve urgent social issues.

The goals are: 

o    To build local capacity for innovation and adaptive change in our community.
o    To create space and safe conditions for our community to take on complex challenges and to work together in solving urgent social issues.
o    To deeply integrate human centered design and project-based learning practices into neighborhood change efforts.

•    Guest lecturers who are experts in creativity and innovation will be invited to speak as part of a guest lecture series

•    Partner with organizations that provide skill building seminars and resources for neighborhood residents.

•    To serve as an on-ramp and relational hub for important new and existing programs (e.g. workforce development programming) and resources available to neighborhood residents.

•    Foster and support leadership development within our community. Develop neighborhood residents to become collaborative leaders and empower them to create sustainable structures for neighborhood leadership and connectivity.

•    Guest lecturers: experts in leadership development and other enriching and relevant topics.  

•    Provide programming in financial literacy, computer literacy, legal support, property tax protests, homeowner exemption support, neighborhood association and advocacy support. 

•    WeCreation is a customizable collaborative workspace with creative design tools available for conceptual design, exploring and sharing.   

•    It’s a place for hands-on learning with tools for creativity and materials to prototype ideas.  

•    A workspace that brings together a community of creators where people with common interests can meet, inspire, share, collaborate and create.