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Critical Race

August 03, 2021
By Dr. Terry Flowers

 As we move deeper into toying with our galaxy with space travel, it is vitally important that we address our ability to harmoniously live and drive as humans here on earth. As the divide of our country moves progressively from having racial gaps to becoming a canyon of separation, it is more important than ever to remind our children of the critical race! Humanity. The human race as ordained and arranged by God is the ultimate curriculum and course of study we must all strive to excel in.
For a quarter of a century, St Philip’s has hosted the Destiny luncheon. Our students, families and the North Texas community are invited to participate in this event which celebrates the oneness of humankind. This concept is curriculum content worthy of universal school pedagogy and instructional priority. Our nation’s greatest platform to teach our children about the most critical race crumbled when God was uninvited from American schools.

Those of us who know 1 John 4: 8 is true have an obligation. God is love. This scripture is the path to celebrating the oneness of humankind, which can uplift and sustain humanity. Those who believe must remain hostages of hope in our works to prevent our children and the world from becoming hostages of hate. On a daily occurrence, we are witnessing the efforts of hatred to divide, destroy, and bring to death the spirit of creativity and hope. We are first observers of hate as a national threat.

As 2022 approaches and 246 years of existence of America arrives, let us make no mistake. The grounds of fertile hatred continue seeking to maximize growth with an appetite yearning to ignite humanity's end.
God’s design and desire for his creation to rally around love for all people is our true critical race obligation. Those who are believers have a calling to not allow an unreleased attack on the savior’s high regard for humanity. HIS light shines in the darkness and it will not be overtaken. HIS light must shine through us. It must illuminate our community, households, and the schools our children attend. The value of life and all humanity is a critical race we must focus on. We must not turn a blind eye to systematic denials of rights and privileges which can overtime prove fatal for all humanity. We must help our children identify that hatred based on differences is a symptom of internal and emotional insecurity.

Let us acknowledge that hatred desires to become its own superpower at the expense of humanity. School curriculums which attempt to elude the reality of God‘s love through the camouflage of programs targeting them using character traits and mindfulness fall short of what is critical to the human race. Without love, there will always be an energy to render parts of humanity into a classification of being subhuman. Remember the definition of love is found in 1 John 4: 8. Let us celebrate and support the oneness of humankind through our love as all being human beings as our world marches closer to the possibility of encounters with other galactic beings.

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Manifesting Burdens into Blessings

February 24, 2021
By Dr. Terry Flowers

St Philip's has a wealth of talent. Our students and staff are blessed with many gifts and anointed people. Most importantly, we are a body of BELIEVERS. This belief - fueled by our faith - has sustained us through the onset of challenges that include a pandemic, devastating deaths, social unrest, AND NOW A FLOOD that has caused major damages to over one third of our campus. With over a million dollars and counting of repairs confronting us, we are convinced the same faith that got us to where we are will not only sustain us but provide God's abundance.  

I am honored to serve with an inspiring army of FAITH soldiers fighting to deliver unparalleled academic experiences, social services, community advancement, and spirituality into the lives of those we serve. We have rallied to not only respond to the latest crisis confronting St. Philip's campus, but we have also increased our support to our neighbors adversely affected by the unprecedented winter storm. Many thanks to Texas Land Care, Inc, for sending dozens of plumbers to South Dallas to support our neighbors who also experienced flooding and other issues from pipe bursts, St. Michaels and All Angels Church, Highland Park United Methodist Church, Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, Beto O'Rourke’s Powered x People and Ease Plumbing.

As believers, I thank our faculty, staff, volunteers, and loyal supporters for having the courage to do what most military forces are trained to resist -- surrendering! Your courage and compassion in these times leaves me in awe! Thank you for becoming willing practitioners of prayer. Thank you for your sacrifices and serving as beacons of hope. 

An African proverb says, "If you want to go fast ... Go alone. If you want to go far .... Take others with you." St Philip's has certainly gone far, and thousands have come along for the ride. Faculty, parents, volunteers, alumni, and staff have served for decades to ensure God's mighty work - through our efforts - advances the lives of others. We are all soldiers and this latest battle of restoration from the flood damage, is simply a conquest in the making. 

I am thankful for every parent who chooses St. Philip's for their child and every faculty, staff, volunteer and supporter who joins us in this important work of liberating children and a community through the St Philip's School and Community Center ministry. Let's march onward in total surrender to prayer, hope, and faith to bless many more. Let us be reminded that for believers, burdens become blessings and the best is yet to come! 

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Clouds are in the Sky

February 03, 2021
By Dr. Terry Flowers

Even after the vaccine is deployed “America, we have a problem,” we will continue to ring out. COVID-19 will leave remnants on both the health and educational well-being of our great nation. Scientific research is tracking the long-term effects of the virus on the human body. Educators are beginning to report on the setbacks our students are experiencing. Early estimates indicate an 18 month to two-year setback in educational performance between March and December 2020. Click the link below for a glimpse of St. Philip’s assessment of academic gains since last year. 

one third of all 8th grade students scored "Proficient" on the National Assessment of Progress 

The clouds are telling us there is a storm on the way and our children will get wet. More than ever before, there is a necessity for parents to buckle down and take action in the exploration of excellence in their school selections for their children. We are now in a climate where schools and districts are lowering standards for grades and graduation requirements to respond to COVID 19 and the drive for equity in schools.

honest reckoning as a school district

With clouds in the sky, the clarion call is now for parents to spread their umbrellas of wisdom in navigating their children’s educational pathways. If those pathways include college, it will be critical for parents to become more intentional - and even sacrificial - in taking measures to achieve their goals. Astute parents must also recognize that college readiness is not an automatic, nor is it an explicit goal of most of American school districts (productive citizenry is the target).

Parents of St. Philip’s students have identified that college readiness requires the exceptional. The general public might ask how to define “exceptional” for schools. Sacrificial parents make great schools, great teachers make great student outcomes - when combined with great leadership… the exceptional is born.

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When Elephants Tussle, the Grass Suffers

January 13, 2021
By Dr. Terry Flowers

What shall we say to our children during this era of civil and social unrest?    

Just as it was for us during the assassination of the Kennedys, Malcolm, Martin, 9/11, Katrina, Sandy Hook, Trevon, George the waves of turbulence continue to place parents into positions of having to try help their children make sense out of nonsense. The African proverb referring to grass suffering is a reminder that often the actions or inaction of adults yield devastating consequences for our children. The role we must take as educators and parents involve a consistent formula for helping our children. That formula is the same one that proved to be critical in our being able to endure decades of unexplainable circumstances in our nation and throughout the world.

To help our children it is important to constantly remind them that God is on the throne and HIS GLORY shall prevail. We are to raise them to understand that the world has a darkness that cannot be seen. We must let them know that darkness loves surprise because it is more impactful when it catches you off guard. Just like the sudden ambush of a power outage, we have to raise them to understand trouble, tragedy, and evil lurk, but the light of Christ is a light that shall prevail and not be overcome.

For us as adults, we must be reminded that in the darkest of times the light shines brightest and take deliberate action to make sure we keep our hearts laser-focused on the light of Christ.

 As we continue on into 2021 and beyond there are likely to be more incidents that reveal the fragility of America but do not abandon faith or forsake hope. Faith and hope sustained our nation through tragedies like the 16th street Baptist church bombing, the Mother Emmanuel shooting, and the Charlottesville massacre. ONE nation under God calls for UNITY and strength is never ultimate where division dwells

 Let us keep praying for our children as the fragility of our nation fostered by our fore-parents and fanned by forces of today continue to become exposed. Elephants will continue to tussle, even in their play they are oblivious to the damages to the very sustenance they rely on.

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