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Our Purpose


St. Philip’s work in Community Advancement is best described by our TRIPLE A rating: We are an Anchor, an Advocate and an Agent for Change.   


As a Neighborhood Anchor, St. Philip’s has been transforming lives through effective programs focused on Education, Hunger, Athletics, Senior Services and Youth Development for seven decades. 

As a Neighborhood Advocate, St. Philip’s convenes monthly community meetings to help ensure our neighbors are informed of important issues and we stand with our neighbors and empower them to address nuisance properties and other public safety concerns. 

As a Neighborhood Change Agent, St. Philip’s accelerates the community’s vision for positive change and invests in neighborhood development initiatives that create opportunity pathways for people of all backgrounds, provide access to quality housing, and improve the well-being of our neighbors by bringing needed services and amenities. 

Our Vision


A healthy, economically vibrant & diverse community that celebrates its rich history and provides opportunities for residents of all backgrounds to live, work, play and thrive. 

WE Believe


WE BELIEVE children and families have the right to a neighborhood that provides safety, opportunity and hope. Healthy neighborhoods create opportunity pathways for people of all backgrounds, improving well-being and providing access to quality housing, good schools, jobs and amenities.

  • A person’s zip code is the most powerful single predictor of health and opportunity. 
  • Socio-economic and racial diversity provides cognitive, social and economic benefits for ALL children and families.
  • Intergenerational neighborhoods—where people of different ages reside together—create safe, stable communities that support overall well-being.