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Special thanks to the individuals and organizations who made Summer at St. Philip's so incredible: State Fair of Texas, Olympic Game Day, Cedar Crest Golf Course & North Texas PGA, Texas Instruments, Dallas Tennis Association, Lone Star Wind Orchestra, HAK Electronics, Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Program, Brighter Bites, North Texas Food Bank, Soul Rep Theater Company, Jennifer Kindert, TMJ Dance Project, Casey Reagan, Fit and Faithful Living, Big Thought Turn Up Events, City Square & AmeriCorps, Georgette Heron-Dunn, Kids Yoga, Funny Cheeks Face Painting, Teretha Johnson.

State Fair of Texas- Big Tex Summer Sampler - 3rd-6th Grade Students experienced activities in Creative Arts, Gardening, Cooking and Agriculture.

Olympic Game Day- all students got to participate in Olympic Game Activities and meet Olympians and Para-Olympians. They also got to tour the Butterfly Garden, the Aquarium and the African American Museum.

Golf at Cedar Crest with North Texas PGA- 20 students 3rd grade and up received golf lessons under the Pro’s at Cedar Crest Golf Course, each student received a brand-new set of golf clubs and can continue golf lessons on Saturdays throughout the year at the golf course.

Texas Instruments- students had the opportunity to tour the facility at TI and rotated around to different sessions learning about Electricity, they made Straw Flutes, learned about Facial Recognition and made snap circuits. They also got a chance to play a game Smarter Than A 5th Grader with Texas Instrument President and Executives.

Dallas Tennis Association- All students learned how to play tennis and at the end of camp attended the Chase Return event where they got to work with Tennis Pro’s and participate in a Tennis Tournament. The day was also filled with face painting, balloon making, STEM activities, Snow Cones and a Super, Duper lunch with Hot Dogs and Hamburgers and other delicious treats.

Lone Star Wind Orchestra- students learned how to play the marimbas and performed at the end of the week for the entire camp.

HAK Electronics- student went to HAK Steam Lab daily to learn different STEAM Activities. They made LED Bracelets, Circuit Batteries, worked in teams to engineer a dog house and other great activities.

Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Program- attended a lesson on Welcome to The Real World learning about money management.

Brighter Bites- provides fresh produce each week for students to take home. Great recipes of the produce they received were provided to parents and the students sat in on a nutrition class regarding the items received each week.

North Texas Food Bank- provided lunch and snack to 150 students each day. Students also received a Back Pack of snacks to take home over the weekend of health snacks and juices.

Soul Rep Theater Company- provided theater classes to all students where they learned the basics of theater and students performed a small series lessons at the end of camp.

Art with Jennifer Kindert-students created amazing art pieces that were showcased at the end of camp. They l.earned Quilling (paper filigree), Repujado ( Mexican Tin Foil Art), Moon Festival Laterns, Kente Pattern Cloth (Asanta Ghana Pattern Fabrics).

TMJ Dance Project- students learned the professional basic forms of dance that lead to a beautiful dance piece that was performed at the end of camp.

Lacrosse with Casey Reagan- students were introduced to Lacrosse and learned how to play the game from former Lacrosse Player Casey Reagan.

Fit and Faithful Living- summer camp was blessed with an Aeroponic Gardening System where students planted Chard Lettuce, Collard Green, Snap Peas, Basil and more. Students saw first-hand the rapid growth of the produce each day. They learned about the proper nutrients that are needed to aid the in the rapid growth. This system was used in Space to assist astronauts with healthy produce while on missions to Outer Space. Students harvested the produce at the end of camp and made a delicious healthy salad that everyone ate.

Big Thought Turn Up Events- provided students with 2 wonderful excursions called Turn Up Events. One was to the Frontiers of Flight Museum where they toured the museum and participated in activities from making airplanes, operating a robot, toured a Tech Truck with all kind of tech activities and toured Love Field Airport. The other field trip was to the Dallas Public Library Downtown, where they participated in activates on each floor. Activities included recycling old CD’s to make spinners, learning about zoo animals like the owl and the eagle, learning how to be a DJ and other arts and crafts.

City Square- City Square provided 12 AmeriCorps Members that assisted teachers with camp activities. AmeriCorps Members were very instrumental because when the teachers left at 12:00 noon the AmeriCorps members were able to stay all day with the students. They were that consistent mentor for the kids.

Students also had field trips to the movies at the Alamo Theater and Studio Movie Grill.

Summer at St. Philip's 2019 was a BLAST!