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Why God?

January 01, 2018
By Dr. Terry Flowers

In a recent meeting on the campus of St. Philip’s School and Community Center, I found myself speechless. I was hit with a simple question – “After all these years with St. Philip’s, what are you most proud of?” Although a seemingly basic question, I could not answer it then and honestly cannot answer it now. 

When the question was raised, my mind swept through countless educational achievements made through the School. I flashed through the immeasurable impact on lives we have made through our Community Center by addressing youth development, hunger, safety, senior services, and urban revitalization. I reflected on the mighty sacrifices of our parents, volunteers, and supporters who labor to make the ministry of St. Philip’s a possibility for the children and adults we serve. 
After this meeting, I found myself asking God a question. “God, I have been here all these years, why couldn’t I point to the one thing I am most proud of? Why God? Why?”

I love God and His simplicity. While driving home after an extremely long day, His answer came. “Terry, you were not able to answer that question because the thing for you to be most proud of has not happened yet!  In my plan for St. Philip’s, the best is yet to come.” 

This answered prayer reminds me of a chant from several of our daily chapel services, “Good, better, best…don’t stop until your GOOD gets BETTER and your better gets BEST.”
Truly, in God’s ultimate plan for us, the greatest things we have encountered are not the greatest things we will encounter. 

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