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Tom Thumb Good Neighbor Program

Tom Thumb offers our customers a way to direct our donation dollar to organizations like St. Philip's School & Community Center. Since the program began in the fall of 1996, Randalls and Tom Thumb have donated more than $20 million to over 7500 participating organizations. Through our Good Neighbor Program, organizations sign up to have an exclusive account number. Members of an organization can then link the account number to their Reward cards. You can link St. Philip's School & Community Center to your Reward card by completing a Reward Application Form at any Courtesy Booth or downloading a copy to the right on this page.  Fill in the top portion and the "Good Neighbor Program" section.  Please include our charity number - 1010.

Detailed brochures with applications are available at any Tom Thumb location. The more people who link their card to the organization's account number, the more money the organization will raise.

Good Neighbor Program Application


Questions about the program?

Visit the Good Neighbor program site by clicking here.


You can also contact our office -


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