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The Revival of MySpace 

September 29, 2020
By Dr. Terry Flowers

You don’t have to be a social media guru to have some recollection of the very popular platform for electronic networking and communication, MySpace. I can now safely admit to my three daughters that I found myself in circumstances where I was compelled to dive into MySpace to spy on them to keep myself informed of their activities, communications, and ways of thinking. The things we do under the classification of parental duty!?!? 

MySpace of old may be irrelevant as such a tool today. I have no idea as to whether it even still exists. Yet, for this WID-WID I want to touch on a MySpace that is very present in our lives today. This year has me - and most of us - re-examining spatial distancing along with washing of hands and being conscience and considerate of surroundings. Like most, I am not only protective of my space but also selective about who enters my zone and what environments I place myself in. With COVID-19, it has been said that some of the practices we are using such as handwashing, protecting sneezes and coughs should have been practiced prior to the pandemic and should continue forever. 

The concerning times we are in are not just pandemic related. In America, we have another “My Space” opportunity as it relates to race. We have frustrated African Americans, concerned, confused, and in some cases enlightened Caucasians attempting to live in the same space. On both sides the tension leads to a familiar question of “What can I do?” This sincere question is one that should not be asked of others. In fact, many African Americans become frustrated when someone white asks a black person what they can do. (For the record, feel free to ask me, just be prepared for the discussion). The question of “What can I do?” whether you are black or white is a question you should ask yourself. 

Like Michael Jackson’s song ”Man in the Mirror” (click here to hear the song and see the official video), each of us have to individually take steps to make a change, just as we do in assessing and evaluating our environment.

It’s time for us to place a new lens on “My Space.” In looking in the mirror, am I allowing contaminants and contaminators to dwell in my presence? In my company? Do I connect with those who I know are approaching me with un-sanitized intentions? Do I remove the practices and conditions? Do I model in “My Space” before my children, friends, and even relatives, deep authentic relationships with a diverse group of people who have symptomatic manifestations of God’s love? 

If you like what you see in your “My Space” mirror, perhaps your “2020 My Space” is as relevant as the social media platform was when it was launched in 2003. If you are not pleased that the image looking back at you is on target in embracing and promoting the oneness of humankind, take some steps. Your next steps: make decisions, approve policies, extend invitations, invest dollars, worship, and live differently.

Allow your Faith to be your Fuel
+erry Flowers

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Kevin Smith says:
December 18, 2020 11:03 PM CST
As always I love and appreciate your perspective and insight!
Thanks Doctor!