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GOD Winks, Whispers and Whips

April 01, 2020
By Dr. Terry Flowers

Some of you are probably like me. 
There may have been times in your life in which you undoubtedly knew that God was sending you a signal.
You may have had total certainty that HE was giving you a message and sometimes even a warning.
I have grown in my relationship with GOD to the extent that I now label those occasions as being God winks.
In fact, as time has gone on my interpretation has been enhanced. 
For me God not only provides me winks, but HE also whispers in my ear giving me discernment, caution, patience, guidance and courage. 
I will also admit that God not only winks, whispers, he also whips me when the wink and whisper don’t get my attention! 
Given all that’s going on in our country and across the world with the pandemic I am convinced that our Lord and Savior is still in control and what we are experiencing are winks whispers and whips. 
Just as the students of St Philip's, many kids are in the midst of distance-learning. I am reminded that God is the ultimate teacher he is teaching remotely, internally and constantly. Could his message be one to nudge us towards being kinder to each other respectful of our differences less of a divided humanity? Is HIS individualized instruction to you distant or is it up close and personal?
It was once said that America responds to an apparent threat. My prayer is that we will respond to the winks, and the whispers to avoid the whipping.

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M. Bennett says:
May 07, 2020 07:27 PM CST
Thank you Dr. Flowers, for sharing your innermost thoughts with us.