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Introducing Continuous Enrollment!


Yearly we retain better than 85% of our student body, which is a fairly steady record over the past several years. Traditional enrollment models require families who wish to return to re-enroll every year — a process that can seem both tedious and stressful. Continuous Enrollment allows us to create an opt-out process for annual enrollment which reduces that stress and creates fewer steps for families who wish to remain with our school. Once a family signs their Tuition and Continuous Enrollment Agreement, they do not have to sign it again.

Continuous Enrollment is a common-sense approach which is followed by almost all colleges and is being adopted by many Christian schools nationwide.

• The Continuous Enrollment Agreement contract can be found in the Enrollment Packet that each family goes through when they first enroll with the school. The Continuous Enrollment Agreement only needs to be submitted once.

I (we) have read the Continuous Enrollment Agreement, understand its terms, and commit to strictly adhere to all the terms contained within without exception, and if any child of mine attended SPS previously, I acknowledge this agreement has new and different terms from prior enrollment agreements.
I (we) understand that in cases of withdrawal, I will be released from my tuition obligations only in accordance with the terms contained herein, and that there are no exceptions to these terms.
I (we) understand and agree to the tuition and fee schedule.
I (we) agree not to use the school directory to solicit business.
I (we) agree to support the standards of the school in every area of its philosophy and policies including academic, behavioral, biblical, spiritual, dress, moral and discipline.
I (we) agree, affirm and acknowledge the St. Philip’s School Statement of Faith, including the Creedal Statement of Faith, the Doctrinal Statement of Faith, and the Morality Statement of Faith.
I (we) agree to assume the responsibility of my child's care by being an encourager and keeping in regular contact with my child's teacher, and assisting my child in spiritual growth in accordance with biblical principles.
If legal action is required to collect monies due, the undersigned will be responsible to pay reasonable attorney fees incurred by SPS in collection of same or enforcement of any terms herein or any judgment.
I (we) understand that I (we) may not make any changes or modifications to this Agreement without the written approval of the School. Any such changes or modifications to the Agreement, without written approval of the School, will make this Agreement null and void and could affect the enrollment of the STUDENT.

 You will receive a continuous enrollment email by the end of January each year, reminding you that you are already enrolled at SPSCC and providing links to the upcoming year’s Schedule of Tuition and Fees and financial assistance information. This will include a reminder if you intend to withdraw to submit your notice to the school via FACTS on or before February 28 (Renewal Date) to avoid being bound to the financial obligation for the next school year.

No action will be required if your child(ren) will be at SPSCC the following school year.

Each summer before school begins, families will receive an email with directions on how to update family information in FACTS, sign annual permissions, and review the online Student/Parent Handbook.

Signing the continuous enrollment contract ensures all families understand the policy and requirements for being enrolled at SPSCC.

SPSCC makes decisions related to hiring staff, classes, and purchasing curriculum and materials based on anticipated enrollment. Your future plans influence our current decisions. If you choose to withdraw from SPSCC for the next school year, please do so via Renweb and be mindful of the following dates:
- A family withdrawing between March 1 and April 30 will be responsible for 50% of tuition.
- A family withdrawing between May 1 and June 30 will be responsible for 70% of tuition.
- A family withdrawing between July 1 and July 31 will be responsible for 90% of tuition.
- A family withdrawing after August 1 will be responsible for 100% of tuition.

You will receive a continuous enrollment email by the end of January each year, with links to the upcoming year’s Schedule of Tuition and Fees.

There will be a two-week opt-out window, February 15-February 28. Families who choose to opt-out will log into parent portal to select the Will Not Enroll option.

Yes, financial aid applications still must be submitted through FACTs every year to receive aid for the successive school year.

Please email and we will forward your question to the appropriate person or department.

Tuition Assistance

►    May apply Nov. 1 through Feb. 15 for priority consideration. Please upload all required documents: W2s, tax return and any additional documents.
►    Awards for returning students will be distributed the week of February 28th.
►    Awards for new students will be distributed within 72 hours of receiving enrollment offer.

Who Can Apply For Tuition Assistance?

►    All new and returning students entering 1st grade through 6th grade who are in good standing
►    All returning students who are in good standing academically and financially will remain eligible for a tuition assistance award.
►    **Please Note: Tuition Assistance is first come, first served on a limited basis.**

Click here to apply for tuition assistance.

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