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Re-Enrollment Webinar

The deadline is February 28th at 11:59pm. Please note that your packet must be completed and submitted by 11:59pm on the 28th or the system will shut you out mid-process. 

No, the capacity limit will not apply to current families. We will make space for all current families that re-enroll by the February 28th deadline. 

No, the tuition assistance application becomes available on January 1. We strongly encourage you to apply as soon as possible and prior to the re-enrollment period. 

FACTS outlines acceptable documents within the Tuition Assistance application. You may also email your questions to the business office at

Re-Enrollment & Tuition Assistance Info

2021-2022 School Year


Download a PDF of this information here

Click here to re-enroll. 



► December 8th – Re-Enrollment/Tuition Assistance Webinar at 12pm (Noon)
► January 22th – Invitation / Blocked Re-Enrollment Letters Emailed
► February 1st – February 28th– Re-Enrollment Period
► January 1st – Tuition Assistance Application Available Online
► February 15th – Tuition Assistance Applications Due (Priority Consideration)


Re-Enrollment Process

(Note: Students are not automatically re-enrolled for the following school year)
►    Headmaster, Principal, Business Office determine who is eligible to re- enroll.
►    Re-enrollment Invitation/Block Letters are emailed

o    Eligibility requirements: Citizenship/Harmony, Academic Standing, Financial Standing, PSA Attendance
o    Anyone who is not eligible to re-enroll is blocked and receives an emailed letter with details.
o    Families who do not rectify blocked status or choose not to re- enroll will be updated to “withdrawn” status at the end of the re- enrollment period.
o    Our re-enrollment practice is to temporarily block any family from re-enrollment who applies out to another school. [Please see Parent Handbook pg. 27 for more details]

►    Re-Enroll by logging into ParentsWeb (Renweb)

o    Select Apply/Enroll tab from menu on left-hand side
o    Then Select Enrollment/Re-Enrollment Tab
o    Note: Do not choose New Application – If created the $75 fee is non-refundable, nor applicable to tuition/deposit
o    Pay Re-Enrollment Deposit $250 per student
o    Email Notification of Completed Re-Enrollment

Is There a Fee to Re-Enroll My Child?

►    The re-enrollment fee is $250/student

o    Early Re-enrollment Tuition Discount of $100 applied, if re-enrolled by February 28th; the discount will be applied to the tuition account balance

Tuition Assistance

►    May apply Jan. 1 through Feb. 15 for priority. Please upload all required documents: 2020 W2s, 2019 tax return if you have not filed for 2020 and any additional documents.
►    Deadline for uploading your 2020 tax return is April 16th and revisions to your award may be made at this time.
►    Awards for returning students will be distributed the week of February 28th.
►    Awards for new students will be distributed by March 10th.

Who Can Apply For Tuition Assistance?

►    All new and returning students entering 1st grade through 6th grade who are in good standing
►    Tuition assistance for early childhood students (PreK – K) is limited to those who live in Dallas County and meet the income requirement
►    All returning students who are in good standing academically and financially will remain eligible for a tuition assistance award.
►    **Please Note: Tuition Assistance is first come, first served on a limited basis.**

Click here to apply for tuition assistance.

Click here to re-enroll. 


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