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Re-Enrollment & Tuition Assistance Info

2021-2022 School Year


Download a PDF of this information here

Click here to re-enroll. 



► December 8th – Re-Enrollment/Tuition Assistance Webinar at 12pm (Noon)
► January 22th – Invitation / Blocked Re-Enrollment Letters Emailed
► February 1st – February 28th– Re-Enrollment Period
► January 1st – Tuition Assistance Application Available Online
► February 15th – Tuition Assistance Applications Due (Priority Consideration)


Re-Enrollment Process

(Note: Students are not automatically re-enrolled for the following school year)
►    Headmaster, Principal, Business Office determine who is eligible to re- enroll.
►    Re-enrollment Invitation/Block Letters are emailed

o    Eligibility requirements: Citizenship/Harmony, Academic Standing, Financial Standing, PSA Attendance
o    Anyone who is not eligible to re-enroll is blocked and receives an emailed letter with details.
o    Families who do not rectify blocked status or choose not to re- enroll will be updated to “withdrawn” status at the end of the re- enrollment period.
o    Our re-enrollment practice is to temporarily block any family from re-enrollment who applies out to another school. [Please see Parent Handbook pg. 27 for more details]

►    Re-Enroll by logging into ParentsWeb (Renweb)

o    Select Apply/Enroll tab from menu on left-hand side
o    Then Select Enrollment/Re-Enrollment Tab
o    Note: Do not choose New Application – If created the $75 fee is non-refundable, nor applicable to tuition/deposit
o    Pay Re-Enrollment Deposit $250 per student
o    Email Notification of Completed Re-Enrollment

Is There a Fee to Re-Enroll My Child?

►    The re-enrollment fee is $250/student

o    Early Re-enrollment Tuition Discount of $100 applied, if re-enrolled by February 28th; the discount will be applied to the tuition account balance

Tuition Assistance

►    May apply Jan. 1 through Feb. 15 for priority. Please upload all required documents: 2020 W2s, 2019 tax return if you have not filed for 2020 and any additional documents.
►    Deadline for uploading your 2020 tax return is April 16th and revisions to your award may be made at this time.
►    Awards for returning students will be distributed the week of February 28th.
►    Awards for new students will be distributed by March 10th.

Who Can Apply For Tuition Assistance?

►    All new and returning students entering 1st grade through 6th grade who are in good standing
►    Tuition assistance for early childhood students (PreK – K) is limited to those who live in Dallas County and meet the income requirement
►    All returning students who are in good standing academically and financially will remain eligible for a tuition assistance award.
►    **Please Note: Tuition Assistance is first come, first served on a limited basis.**

Click here to re-enroll.