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What better way to tell our story than those who experienced it firsthand. St. Philip's alums share how our ministry influenced, inspired, and touched their lives.  

In addition to providing an excellent education and fertile, nurturing soil from which students could grow, St. Philip’s instilled and reinforced my home training with the daily faith practice of chapel, and a strong sense of pride in myself as a Black man to be.  I know for sure that “if it is to be it is up to me!” 

Michael J. Sheffey Rawlings, Class of 2000  

Rickyl' Wesson

 St. Philip's prepared me for life after St. Philip’s by equipping me with confidence. Equipping me with a spiritual base. Equipping me with words from the Creed that spoke life into my soul. The Creed equipped me with courage to be comfortable with exactly who I am. My experience at St. Philip's has been untouched. It is etched in my body and mind.

– Rickyl’ Wesson, Class of 1995 

Sydney Thomas

While at St. Philip’s, I learned so many things that have helped me in Middle School. St. Philip’s taught me about my African-American culture and to be proud of who and where I come from. I also learned how to do my best in everything. Most importantly, I learned about God, and that He should be my number one priority no matter what.  St. Philip’s taught me so much in the short time that I was there. I will be thankful for the rest of my life for St. Philip’s School and Community Center. 

– Sydney Thomas, Class of 2019 

St. Philip’s taught me to be confident and proud without limits, in my own skin. In those moments where I sit and feel otherwise, I begin to recite to myself…Look at me. I am more than what you see… 
– Jamila Jenkins, Class of 2007  
Jordan Harris

Destiny is mine! If it is to be, it's up to me. “This simple quote from the St. Philip’s Creed has stuck with me my entire life. It’s helped me to remember that every situation in my life is within my control and I’m am up to any challenge this world has to offer.” 

– Jordan Harris, Class of 2005 

Chloe Draper

Something I learned at St. Philip’s that has helped me on my journey is that I never have to be ashamed of my God or my race. Going to a very diverse Catholic school, there are several people who do not have the same views or values as me. Learning these values at a young age showed me how to stand my ground for my beliefs while simultaneously respecting other individuals' opinions. 

– Chloe Draper, Class of 2018  

I learned the value of community. The students, teachers, parents, and faculty all worked together to provide a holistic learning experience that benefited everyone connected to St. Philip’s. This concept of supporting others has been essential in my career and provides a foundation for my continued desire to serve others in a meaningful way.

 – Chassidy Guidry, Class of 2003 

Cyndi Robertson

St. Philip's has prepared me not only intellectually but also spiritually and not just for succeeding in academic environments, but for the totality of my life.

Cydni Robertson, Class of 2003