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Children, youth, and neighbors are depending on us to help them beat SUMMER LEARNING LOSS, HUNGER, and BOREDOM. Summer is near and there is so much to do to serve our community! 

Did you know that our doors remain open seven days a week through the summer months? We need your support so that we may continue to provide vital programs to help transform South Dallas, our city, and the world through FAITH, EDUCATION, and SERVICE. 

You can ensure St. Philip’s remains in ACTION to:

 - Provide quality low to no cost, curriculum-based S.T.E.A.M. activities for nearly 200 children.

 - Guarantee that Our Community Pantry continues serving over 1,600 of our neighbors facing hunger with a dignified food pantry experience. 

 - Assist in shaping the minds and honing the physical talents and abilities of more than 300 children.

GET IN the game, JUMP in and EQUIP those we serve with the opportunity to have a successful summer at St. Philip’s! 





Click here to watch a short video about What's Happening at St. Philip's this Summer! Click on the images below to find out more.