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You Belong In Every Story

February 28, 2024
By Dr. Terry Flowers

One lesson every school needs to learn revolves around not just the instructional expertise of their faculty but the quality of the content being taught. School curriculum is like the diet of nutrients we place into our bodies. Poor intake impacts how we perform physically, spiritually, and mentally. Likewise, students respond better to wholesome and relevant content in their learning.

Accordingly, we teach our students that they belong in every story. In essence, we are asking them to question how the materials and subject matter they are presented relates to themselves and their ancestors as they endeavor to dive into their learning. We have found that relevance becomes the nugget that nurtures a trail of curiosity to the mind.

Our 8th graders recently completed an academic excursion to Ghana, an experience that proved to be the highest manifestation of what the St. Philip’s Creed embodies. Students encountered a dramatic expression of the community and the world needing their contributions.

The experience was overwhelmingly a practice of living by put ups and not put downs for our sisters and brothers. Undeniably, they were able to witness the righteous need for success to be a right. Their being in service for school children of Ghana and engaging with the people of the country was a climactic opportunity for our students. It enabled them to wrestle with and combat bias, rumors, and stereotypes often portrayed and propagated about the continent. Their journey to the cradle of civilization was as rich as the fertile soils and wonderful souls of the continent of Alkebulan.

Ironically, the namesake of our School and Community Center is “Philip”, an evangelist of Christ who traveled the continent of Alkebulan. His teaching of the Gospel established the church in Ethiopia. Teaching, testifying, and serving, ties directly to the outcome we expect from our graduates as they move into their high school years. They are to use their education to explore new heights and take others with them, giving God the glory along the way.

YOU BELONG IN EVERY STORY is a lesson for every student and a common St. Philip's mantra.  Another mantra of ours is "A day without learning is a day wasted." We teach our students to not allow a word they don't know to get past them. Alkebulan is a word from our excursion to Ghana that I gift you with.


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