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The Ultimate Credit Score

April 03, 2024
By Dr. Terry Flowers

In just two years, the ministry of St. Philip’s will celebrate 80 years of existence! The chronicle of our journey unfolds to two constant factors. From the time of its inception as a small Episcopal church, we have consistently remained responsive to the needs of the community surrounding us. Additionally, we’ve maintained the collaborative spirit of the small group of African-American Episcopalians, who forged relationships with other church members and organizations that sparked the “make away or find one” approach that continues to propel our success today.

We are blessed to be able to partner with entities who have spirits that agree. Those spirits nod affirmatively to the understanding that education is the elixir of the soul. They embrace the value of delivering services with dignity and possess the faithfulness to defy the odds by demonstrating the power of one.

The mighty title of St. Philip’s as a school, community center and neighborhood change agent, can only be explained by examining the legions of staff, volunteers, sacrificial parents, and partners, who all demonstrate the biblical encouragement of “to whom much is given”…….

Our ministry has long considered itself a king of collaboration. Our partnerships with over sixty organizations, who join forces with us to render services and promote change, is bringing about a transformation that is emerging as a national model. Our alumni are committed to serving the community and the world as their Creed compels them to. They are leading their own agencies and leveraging their professions to uplift communities across the country.

Our mighty impact is undeniable. However, collective resources, passions, and talents, do not adequately explain why St. Philip’s has been successful. All these factors have played a role, but the reality is, had we not given credit where credit is due, St. Philip’s would merely be a spec and not special. Join us in pronouncing the ultimate credit for our accomplishments thus far. To God be the glory, to God be the glory, to God be the glory! This is where credit must be placed.  As we continue impacting lives and uplifting community, let’s remain faithful that the same God, who got us to where we are today, has more than enough resources to get us where he wants us to go. Our best is yet to come!

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