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Here WE Go!

January 09, 2024
By Dr. Terry Flowers

Most who have followed the ministry of St. Philip’s will recognize one of our student mantras: simply put, our scholars will tell you we are a school where ‘It's okay to pray and make an A’. Similarly, Dallas Cowboys fans can identify with Dak Prescott, starting the offense signal call with his signature ‘Here WE go.’

There is a fair amount of discussion surrounding the use and the effectiveness of these three words as the guidepost to initiate the team's offensive attacks. Regardless of whether you have a favorite team, I offer these three words, ‘Here WE go’ as a gift to every believer as we move into 2024. 

I invite you to watch online as St. Philip's students give an automatic response when they hear ‘The Lord be with you.’ Their response in daily chapel and elsewhere is ‘and also with you!’ At the first chapel service back from winter break, the homily topic was ‘Here WE go!’ The homily had little to do with football or signal calling. The focus was on reminding the audience that for those who believe, God promises to never leave or forsake them. Our students were encouraged to take on the challenges of 2024 with confidence, knowing that they are not alone. In short, we encourage the students to say ‘Here WE go’ to God, meaning as difficult times unfold, we are saying ‘Here WE go, God, let's tackle this together.’ (Note that ‘WE’ is capitalized to acknowledge The Almighty being present.)

As 2024 begins, join me in constantly saying to GOD… ‘Here WE go’, whatever may come, knowing that with HIM our best is yet to come. And for those who are more seasoned in their faith and know how to press life's rewind, you are entitled to say… ‘Lord, Here WE go again.’

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Telissha Wesson says:
January 10, 2024 09:47 PM CST
Here WE go!
Love it