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The Math of Christmas

December 11, 2019
By Dr. Terry Flowers

As we move into the celebration of Christmas, I would like to issue a challenging math problem that most people fail to consider regarding the birth of Jesus Christ. Most of the responses to the question; “What is Christmas about?” are related to gifts, the birth of Jesus and God sending His son. All of these responses are substantially relevant; however here is the Christmas math problem our students wrestled with in Chapel.

0 forgiveness = 0 Peace

Simply put, you cannot go in peace without forgiveness; especially forgiveness of yourself. As you move into celebration of the Prince of Peace, let us remember God sent His Son so that we have a path of forgiveness for our sins. Without His forgiveness, we cannot receive peace. Just as our gift from God is forgiveness let us forgive others and ourselves in order to experience God’s peace.

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