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Man Down

October 04, 2021
By Dr. Terry Flowers

Without a doubt, we have a blaring shortage of men in the field of education. With only 25% of male teachers in America and only 11% of those being in elementary schools and only 2% of those being African American. There is a critical need for men as faculty and volunteers to be present in the lives of young children.

A required part of the course of study for every future man enrolled at SPSCC is to watch a short video called “The Delinquents Documentary”.

This episode from the television show “60 Minutes” gives a glimpse of why our schools and communities are having substantial struggles. It is a reminder of God’s order for children to be reared by both parents. It is a reminder of the significance of a man in his children’s lives and in the functioning of society.

When men are not DOWN (Doing Our Warranted Necessity) there are consequences. Our children suffer and our women face a different DOWN (Driving Our Women Nuts). This places a parental burden on women that was not God-ordered nor designed and it adversely impacts our future generations.

My Brothers, men, gentlemen, lets Man D.O.W.N. to build up our youth and society.

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Donna Roy says:
November 01, 2021 11:44 AM CST
So true, coming from a family of educators we have 3 male educators in the family. South Oak Cliff High is blessed to have so many men on campus.

M Bennett says:
December 11, 2021 01:20 PM CST
Praise God for your insight Dr Flowers, as well as for the men that are . D. O.W.N. and others that God is preparing to step forward.

bert Cole says:
July 08, 2022 12:36 AM CST