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Google Ain’t God

March 05, 2020
By Dr. Terry Flowers

GAG----The Internet and God
It is possible that you have heard me use improper English. On the occasion of this WID-WID my misuse is intentional. Google Ain’t Gospel. This is a phrase I find myself using more and more frequently when people are basing their truth solely on something the lifted from a flash across the screen of their device. When I tell people Google Ain’t Gospel I am suggesting that some things about technology are not reliable.

Ironically this WID-WID does not focus on the lack of reliability but rather the certainty of technology. I am not an information technology expert. I, however, am comfortable in saying that Google is not Gospel; yet the internet does have a similarity of God. Once you are born into this world God is always with you; although you might not always be with Him. You may not see Him or believe in His omnipresence, but He is there. Similarly, your interactions with technology and information never totally vanish. Let the words of your mouth, the meditation of your heart and clicks on your device be acceptable in His sight.

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