Each Day Is A New Learning Opportunity
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The philosophy of St. Philip’s School is to accept students from a range of abilities and backgrounds, recognizing each child as a unique creation entitled to love, respect, and opportunities for safe and challenging passage through the early years. The school’s small class sizes and varied educational techniques enhance and develop the unique learning style of each child and aims to install and strengthen qualities that promote a secure and responsible adult life.

The core curriculum is enriched with specialty programs such as Spanish, music, physical education, chapel, art, library and theater. Technology is appropriately integrated at all levels through our Early Childhood computer labs and technology courses for Kindergarten through 6th grade. Each classroom is equipped with an interactive smart board panel. This increased technology enables supplemental enhancement to the reading, math, science, and social studies lessons. It provides opportunities for students to practice skills and build their understanding of concepts covered in class. Through our project based learning curriculum students in all grade levels are challenged to become not only problem solvers but to be problem seekers that are able to contribute to their community by making a difference. Additionally, the curriculum has a strong emphasis on 21st century skills were collaboration and critical thinking are essential components to the learning process.