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Fine Arts Symposium Proposals
  • Thank you for your interest in presenting at the St. Philip's 2019 Fine Arts Symposium. We invite arts professionals wishing to provide 75-minute informational sessions relevant to our 2019 theme: Creating Spaces for Our Children to Express Themselves, to apply for this year’s symposium. Our review and acceptance of proposals will be based on the applicant’s clear articulation of the following criteria: 1) how the content and skills taught in the session align to this year’s theme; 2) how summit attendees will be actively engaged during sessions; 3) what resources will be available to attendees post-summit to continue strategies and ideas presented during sessions; 4) culturally specific teaching tools that are easily adaptable in the classroom. 

    Accepted proposals will be notified on or before Aug. 15th. Presenters will also be registered as participants in the symposium and granted access to the luncheon with our guest presenter Debbie Allen and will also receive a complimentary swag bag. Speaker names, titles and descriptions will be entered in the program as they are written on the proposal application, so please ensure accurate spelling and grammar. Deadline to apply: August 5, 2019

    For questions, please contact Ramona Bailey at (Please include contact information (email and phone) in the body of the email.)

  • Speaker Information

  • Speaker 2 Information

  • Describe the Learning Format (i.e. Seminar, Panel, Hands-On Learning, Creating & Making, etc.)
  • Session Description


    Please write an engaging description of your session in 75 words or less. This is what will be published in the program. Please specify the content/topic you will address and describe exactly what your participants will learn and how they will learn it. 

    St. Philip’s School and Community Center reserves the right to edit for grammar and condense [Bios of speakers and] Session Description for space considerations in publications and on the School’s website. I grant permission to live stream, video tape, photograph, release of handouts and as related post on School’s website for attendees.  Information presented must not contradict the school’s mission statement and statement of values.


    In-depth session description (WILL NOT BE PRINTED). Please describe : 1) how your session aligns to your discipline, 2) who is the intended audience and 3) how will participants engage in learning during the session. *

  • Have you previously presented the proposed content? If so, please tell when, where and how the session was beneficial to the participants.