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Saturday, September 28, 2019 – 9:00AM-4:00pm

Join St. Philip's School and Community Center for a unique professional development experience with none other than Debbie Allen (sponsored by The Kimbrough Family Arts Fund)! This one-day symposium will forge conversations and feature workshops around the inclusion of children of color in the arts during their primary years of education. Included in the event will be a Q&A luncheon with Debbie Allen and an optional master dance class (open to all disciplines) to round out the day!

Studies show that involvement in the arts is linked to higher academic success, lower drop-out rates, increased social-emotional connections, and stimulates creativity, one of the most sought after skills in today's job market!  The St. Philip's Fine Arts Symposium will examine and strengthen our roles as educators to ensure there are equitable opportunities for children of color to receive the highest quality arts education. This event will be filled with powerful tools, strategies, and resources to create a network that educators can use for collaboration and accountability. Ideal for both in-class educators and arts administrative professionals, and practicing professionals.


We are seeking sessions in all major genres of the arts including dance, theater, visual arts, band, choir, and arts administration. Proposal frameworks should include but are not limited to the following:

Planned sessions should center around the idea of arts as academic, and present clear strategies as to how teachers can engage students with lessons that are culturally rich and reflective of discourse that allows students of color to see themselves in the lessons, and imagine their own contributions as relevant to their art forms.

1) How can organizations more intently recruit students of color to create equitable populations within the student body of arts magnet, and arts-specific schools?

2) How can organizations better train teaching professionals to culturally cultivate class time that helps to create a more inclusive narrative of a diverse student population?

3) How can organizations more deeply inform parents of color on what resources and pipelines are available to children who've expressed an interest in the arts? 


Submit Proposals Here.

Deadline August 5, 2019


General $205  |  Master Class- $275