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Project Excel
Assemblies bring the business world into the academic world. African-Americans in various professions are invited to speak to students. They share information about the work they do, why they chose to enter their particular field, how they prepared academically and then entertain questions from the students. Project Excel assemblies are held every other month during the school year.

Fourth Grade Retreat
In September, 4th grade teachers and students travel to Wolf Run near McKinney Texas for a 2 night, 3-day retreat. As their first middle school experience, the purpose of the retreat is to promote team building and collaboration through engaging activities and outdoor excursions.

Fifth Grade Civil Rights Trip
After a year-long study of African American civil rights, the 5th grade class travels to Selma, Montgomery, Tuskegee, Birmingham and Atlanta, in an effort to allow them a deepened and more meaningful understanding of how this movement impacted the lives of all Americans.

Sixth Grade Music Trip - The Promise
In September, all 6th grade students attend a music trip to Riverbend Retreat Center near Fort Worth to experience the breath-taking musical production, The Promise. This field trip provides students with the opportunity to experience growing through unity, cooperation, and leadership development. In addition, it provides first-hand knowledge of a musical production before their performance in the spring of their 6th grade year.

Young Strings
This program, sponsored by the Dallas Symphony, provides students who have exhibited a noticeable interest in music classes an opportunity to participate in a general music class. Students are selected and may continue in this program based on self discipline, general music aptitude and interest, parental involvement, and social skills. Upon completion and with recommendation by the Dallas Symphony teacher, the student will continue in the program and receive private lessons on a cello, violin, or viola. They perform at various recitals and events throughout the city.

Lone Star Wind Orchestra
The Lone Star Wind Orchestra partners with St. Philip's School and Community Center in Dallas providing valuable classroom learning and mentoring relationships as well as after school programming for the school's outstanding young students and their families. As part of the organization's Lone Star Kids Program, the LSWO provides in-class and after-school interactive musical educational experiences with LSWO musicians; administrative costs of preparing educational curriculum; new percussion equipment (hand drums and marimbas), and percussion instructors. 

Student Council
Many opportunities for student involvement and leadership exist in the Middle School. We believe that integrity, ethics and respect for the customs of the school and the law of the land are reasonable minimum expectations for all students. Members of the Student Council are elected by their peers and, by accepting leadership roles, agree to represent the school both on and off campus.

Saints of the Week
St. Philip's believes in rewarding students for daily accomplishments. We believe children learn best in an environment that is challenging and filled with opportunities to express their feelings about their newfound knowledge. Students are rewarded each Friday during Chapel for their classroom participation and overall academic and behavioral success during the week.

The Titan Award is one that strives to recognize students in grades 3 - 6 who embody characteristics of citizenship, trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness and caring.  It is one of the highest honors that a St. Philip's student may achieve. 

L.I.F.E. (Learning is Forever Essential) Skills
An excerpt from the St. Philip's Creed states, "It is my responsibility to do things that are right."  Helping children build character development skills is essential to their academic, social and personal growth.  Students are equipped with knowledge and these basic life skills through a series of interactive and engaging L.I.F.E. sessions.

Peer Mediation
The peer mediation program, coordinated by trained faculty and staff members, uses trained students to help others find positive ways to solve their own disagreements.  Peer mediators serve as neutral parties to provide safe, scripted, confidential structured dispute resolution.

Math/Science Competition
A team of students in grades 5 and 6 develop mastery and compete locally and state-wide against other students in categories such as mental math, number sense, calculator proficiency and science concepts and skills.

Grandparents Day
St. Philip's acknowledges the impact that many of our students' grandparents play in their lives.  We celebrate their contributions each year during a special Chapel service, a reception, and visits to the classrooms.

School-wide Service Learning Projects
Students at each grade level are required to participate in community/service learning projects throughout the year. We believe the projects reinforce the philosophy that "to whom much is given, much is required", and students leave St. Philip's knowing the importance of gratitude and service.

Early Childhood Students Learn through Fun
- "I-AM" Day features students who dress as favorite story book/nursery rhyme characters. - Valentine's Day Sock-Hop is another day for expressing love and gratitude. Each student is required to bring donations of canned goods for our Community Center food Pantry.

First Grade African American Heritage Program
Each year in February, the 1st grade students participate in an assembly where they showcase famous African-Americans through oral presentations.  Students from neighboring schools are invited to witness the enlightening presentations. Each year in February, the 1st grade students participate in an assembly where they showcase famous African-Americans through oral presentations. Students from neighboring schools are invited to witness the enlightening presentations.

Other Opportunities
The annual Oratorical Contest, Kidpreneur, Science Fair, Sixth Grade Musical, Spelling Bee, Heritage Celebration, Books of the Bible Contest, Annual Fall Event and various programs throughout the school year provide students with an opportunity to showcase their knowledge and talents.