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St. Philip's Creed

Look at me. I am more than what you see.
Destiny is mine! If it is to be, it's up to me.
Society will condemn, but only I determine my path.
My people have suffered and died for my chance to read and do math.
Just as sacrifices were made to make my future bright,
It is my responsibility to do things that are right.
I must start today to pave the way.
The community and the world need my contributions.
In success, I will not stray.
The bias, the rumors, nor the stereotypes will hinder my growth;
I claim dignity and prosperity. My God promises both.
Look at me! I am sharp, empowered, talented and proud without limit.
I will use my education to explore new heights.
The sky is the limit, if I just put my mind in it.
When I say, "stick it out," I don't mean a hand.
I will persevere to play my role in God's omniscient plan.
I will live by "put ups, not put downs" for my sister and my brother.
I care for you; I respect you.
If I don't, why should another?
Success is my right - failure my option. I have the voice.
The consequences I will accept, for I made the choice.
Look at me! Great things lie ahead.
Judge me not by what you've been told,
But by what's in my head.


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