St. Philip’s Philosophy

The mission of St. Philip’s School and Community Center is to enhance the lives of children and families regardless of economic background but with particular emphasis on low and moderate income families, through educational excellence, Christian principles, and compatible community services.

The philosophy of St. Philip’s School is to accept students from a range of abilities and backgrounds, recognizing each child as a unique creation entitled to love, respect, and opportunities for safe and challenging passage through the early years. The school’s small class sizes and varied educational techniques enhance and develop the unique learning style of each child and aims to install and strengthen qualities that promote a secure and responsible adult life.

The philosophical grounding of the community center programing is with an aim to prepare vs. repair. There is an intentional attempt to avoid programing that is corrective in nature. The community center takes on an approach of
collaboration with likeminded entities to attract services that meet the needs of our area residents.


St. Philip’s Statement of Values

Educational Excellence: providing the strongest possible academic background and the richest possible academic experience

Educational Opportunity: providing access to an excellent education for children including those for whom such access would not otherwise be possible financially

Christian Education: providing a religious environment for personal growth shaped by the spirit of Jesus Christ

Self Esteem: maintaining an atmosphere that develops and strengthens each individual’s sense of self worth

Personal Development: helping to strengthen each individual spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually

Ethnic Awareness: helping to foster and nurture cultural and ethnic awareness and pride bridging racial barriers: teaching and demonstrating the value of diversity in the community and teaching the humanity and brotherhood of all people

Community: working to impact and improve the lives of people through social services, enrichment programs, and recreational activities with special focus on low and moderate income families


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