Spirit Shop

Our Spirit Shop is now open!!  It is located in the Life Center of St. Philip's.  The hours of operation are Wednesdays at 3:30pm and Fridays at 7:30am.  Come by and see the new merchandise. 

Email your questions to spiritshop@stphilips.com

School Uniforms
Student Apparel
Alumni Merchandise
Ladies' Apparel
Men's Apparel
Unisex Apparel
All Other Specialty Merchandise

Ladies' Apparel - Bling Wear - Adult

LOVE Bling - Red (Fitted)
LOVE Bling - Red (Reg Fit)
LOVE Bling - Black (Reg Fit)
LOVE Bling - Black (Fitted)
LOVE Bling - White (Reg Fit)
LOVE Bling - Grey (Reg Fit)
LOVE Bling - White (Fitted)
LOVE Bling - Grey (Fitted)